Attraction of Hiroshima Prefecture

Since Hiroshima Prefecture faces the placid Seto Inland Sea, its coastal regions have been prospering as a transportation hub through which many trading ships from China were seen coming and going since olden days.
Located here are the Itsukushima Shrine registered as World's Heritage Site and the Peace Memorial Park (Atomic Bomb Dome) in the Hiroshima region, and also located here is the picturesque scenic spot Tomo-no-ura is located in the Fukuyama region.
In the genre of sports and entertainment, we have a lot many teams and groups active, e.g., a professional baseball team (the Hiroshima Toyo Carp) and a professional soccer team (Sanfrecce Hiroshima), popular throughout the country, and a professional orchestra rare for locality (The Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra).
In summer you can go swimming in the sea and enjoy marine sports, and in winter you can go skiing; thus you will have good sporting environment year round.
The climate is mild and warm during all seasons with low damage due to earthquakes and typhoons, in addition, the cost of living is much lower compared with Tokyo and considerably cheaper than the nationwide average.

A Guide to Studying in Hiroshima for Overseas Students

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