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Hiroshima University of Economics

The Hiroshima University of Economics (HUE) was founded in 1967 as the only university specializing in the field of economics in the Chugoku/Shikoku regions. At present, the University has one faculty and five departments (Department of Economics, Department of Business Administration, Department for Information Systems in Business, Department of Media Business, and Department of Sport Business Administration), as well as a graduate course (Graduate Course of Economics). More than 30,000 students have graduated from the University. The university started accepting foreign students from 1989 with some 800 being accepted since that time.
HUE aims to provide a campus environment that satisfies each student’s desires and expectations. The university not only consists of educational programs that cultivate talented persons capable of flourishing in every kind of social setting after graduation but also provides an educational environment that is top class in the Chugoku/Shikoku regions, and includes a library, media information center and similar facilities. The curriculum provides detailed support through special Japanese courses for international students that cover everything from fundamentals to sophisticated topics corresponding to business.
HUE provides financial support for international students who study at their own expense in the form of tuition fee reductions (reduction of 100%, 50% or 30% depending on academic results) and HUE’s own scholarship program. HUE also proactively provides guidance regarding external scholarship organizations with some 60 to 70% of international students receiving some form of scholarship on average each year.

  • Faculty of Economics
Graduate School
  • Graduate School of Economics
Enrollment capacity 850
Number of overseas students 56 (As of May 1, 2016)
Address Asaminami-ku, Hiroshima City
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