Schools in Hiroshima Prefecture

IGL Medical and Welfare College

・The experienced instructors offer fulfilling classes, preparations for examinations, and career counseling to foreign students aiming to enter universities, graduate schools, and technical colleges in Japan.
・It has full-time staff for supporting foreign students, providing them with close assistance in their lives.
・At the college, Japanese students take other subjects, so foreign students are given many opportunities to interact with the Japanese, such as lunch exchange meetings.
・ After finishing with the Japanese language department, those who wish to study Japanese more can do so in the International Liberal Arts Communication Department to improve their chances of entering top-notch universities and so on.
・ You can go on to the Certified Care Worker Department, the Oral Health Department, the Acupuncture and Moxibustion Department, and the Judo-Therapy Department of the College. In each department, you can gain the necessary qualifications for a national examination so that you can aim to get a required qualification.
・ The college is a 7-minute walk from Chorakuji Station on the Astram Line, and free school bus services are offered at Hiroshima Station, Itsukaichi Station, and Omachi Station.

  • Japanese Language Department (1.5 years, 2 years)
  • Nursing Care and Welfare Department (2 years)
  • Oral Health Department (3 years)
  • Acupuncture and Moxibustion Department (3 years)
  • Judo-Therapy Department (3 years)
Enrollment capacity 150
Number of overseas students 111 (As of May 1, 2016)
Address Asakita-ku, Hiroshima City
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