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Kinki University Faculty of Engineering

"Development of students into individuals who are caring, trustworthy, and respected"
Individuals acquire knowledge and skills that enable them to contribute to industry on a basis of excellent character. The educational principles of Kinki University are "learning for the real world" and "nurturing intellectual and emotional intelligence". Based on these educational principles, the goals of the Kinki University Faculty of Engineering are to cultivate the specialized skills of an engineer (academics), develop individuals with strong characters and sense of ethics (humanity), and develop the ability to succeed in our globalized age (internationality).

  • Faculty of Engineering
Graduate School
  • Graduate School of System Engineering
Enrollment capacity 460 undergraduate students, 45 postgraduate students (doctoral program 1st semester), 5 postgraduate students (doctoral program 2nd semester)
Number of overseas students 5 (As of May 1, 2016)
Address Higashi Hiroshima City
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